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Play to lower stress

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Does Playing Fiddle Lower Stress

Maybe. At first it didn’t for me. In fact, it increased my stress levels to the point of wanting to stop playing altogether. Getting over the initial difficulties, like producing a half way decent sound, took me over a year. During that time I never knew if I was practicing correctly, if I was holding the bow right, and all those little things one has to think about. So I started taking fiddle lessons.
My first teacher was a Texas fiddler who learned to play in the early days, when Texas fiddling was really catching on. Anyway, he was old school, didn’t read music, but he was a good Texas fiddler. And that’s what he taught me, Texas fiddle.
Not once did he show me a scale. Never showed my my bow was arching when I played.  I think, since he thought I was classically trained as a piano player, I knew all that already. I did to a degree, but putting it in context with a fiddle is another story. So I noodled along for a few years and during that time started working stuff out on my own.
I’m by no means a fiddler of the caliber of most of the readers, but for some reason, I like the sound of a fiddle and I’m always trying to improve my playing. Some days it sounds better than other days. The main thing is I like to think I’m improving over time.
Back to the stress thing. I guess it depends. I don’t tend to stress over much of anything and I think a playing fiddle may help.
Music seems to be a universal language. Have fun and try playing a recognizable fiddle tune with someone else who speaks a different language and you’ll be amazed to learn you’re both sharing the same language.

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