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May 2015

MAY 2015 iFiddle features Katie Glassman

May 2015 iFiddle
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Katie Glassman is a passionate and committed teacher dedicated to spreading the fiddle gospel far and wide. In 1994, she opened the Fiddle Parlor Teaching Studio in Denver, where she instructs some 40 students of all ages in the oral fiddling tradition. She also spends many weeks every year teaching at fiddle camps across the country, including the Montana fiddle camp, Hartz fiddle camp, Texas Oldtime Fiddlers camp, Ludiker Fiddle camp, A Midsummer Days Dream String camp, among many others. Visit her site Here

Ian Walsh was born with a fiddle in his hands. He began playing at the age of five under the guidance of Greg Crone and Niall Gannon, and he began teaching at fourteen after taking first place in the Irish fiddle nationals competition. From there his playing and teaching progressed with four trips to Ireland to compete in the world championships and a gradual gathering of students from around Missouri. At the age of eighteen, Ian was awarded the Gold Congressional Medal from congress for his work with St. Louis Irish Arts and his excellence on the fiddle. He began playing with the Local Gents at 21, with heavy influence from the late great Vassar Clemens, and enjoys bluegrass thoroughly.

For more about Ian and his music visit:

As a classical, Celtic, and folk musician and educator, Tom Morley (author of Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle ) is one of the most visible violinists on the Gulf Coast. Classically trained with a degree in music education, he has played professionally, on stage and recordings, in almost every musical genre, including Celtic, Cajun, folk, bluegrass, classical, swing, jazz, and country styles (earning a gold album for his work with “new traditionalist” country artist John Anderson). His recently released CD, The Raven’s Wing , showcases his playing in many of these genres.


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