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iFiddle Magazine Issue 6

Tom Morley Irish Trad FIddler
Tom Morley – Irish Trad Fiddler

Tom Morley – Irish Trad Fiddler

Master fiddler and teacher Tom Morley Shows and Tell’s about the art of Irish Trad Fiddling.

Jonathan Yudkin has become know as the “go to” guy for some of the biggest enntertainers in Nashville. Jonathan has toured with Dicky Betts, Robert Earle Keene, and John Hartford, with whom he won two Grammys.

Megan Lynch Chowning’s brand new album featuring 14 old and new fiddle tunes (four of which are medleys so really, it’s more like 18 tunes…) played in a way you’ve rarely heard in the last few decades – completely solo!

This month’s print version of iFiddle Magazine is sure to help you play better. Tom Morley, Jonathan Yudkin and Megan Lynch Chowning are some of the best fiddlers on the planet and they’re sharing their knowledge.

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