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iFiddle Magazine Issue 5

iFiddle Magazine Issue 5

Jeanine Orme and Herman Johnson
Jeanine Orme and Herman Johnson.

Another exciting issue of iFiddle Magazine! I was very fortunate to have the chance to talk with Jeanine Orme who is not only a master fiddler, but a master teacher as well. Jeanine was mentored by the great man and inspiration to a lot of fiddlers, Herman Johnson. Herman’s accomplishment’s were many, but probably one of the best was his gift of sharing what he loved with other fiddlers, that is, teaching fiddle.

For those of us who love music, especially fiddle music, it’s important that we know where the roots of our music came from and all the fiddlers that have gone before. Herman loved to share his music and time with young fiddlers and gave inspiration to many.

Master fiddler and teacher Jacie Sites has a new CD, “Jacie Sites GrandMasterFiddle Champion” that I’m reviewing, as well as her outstanding new fiddle method books! There are some previews of the tunes from the album that are include in this issue.

This is one of my favorite issues. Anyone who loves great fiddle music will love this issue.  Thanks for making iFiddle Magazine a great success.

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