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iFiddle Magazine Issue 4

iFiddle May Cover
Canadian Calvin Vollrath teaches his original tune, Wabamun Breakdown

iFiddle Magazine Issue 4

One of the things I love about putting together iFiddle Magazine is getting to meet a lot of super nice folks. Another thing is, I’m in constant amazement at the abilities of these master fiddlers. They are awesome players and fantastic folks.

Like Canadian fiddler Calvin Vollrath. What a super nice guy and great fiddler. My goodness, Calvin is such a pro, one can’t help but be awestruck at the talent of such a musician. All of us are very fortunate to have Calvin teaching us the first tune he ever wrote this month, The Wabamun Breakdown.

April Verch is another master fiddler and entertainer from Canada. You can feel the joy in her music. We are extremely honored to have her in the pages of iFiddle Magazine. I think you’re going to love the tune she teaches, “The Crooked Stovepipe”.

One of the best fiddlers and entertainers I’ve seen is the awesome Megan Lynch Chowning. Megan’s been playing and teaching for quite a while and I think you’ll agree, she’s a master. She’s backed up some of the finest entertainers in the country. Her teaching style is like abreath of fresh air. Megan’s going to teach us the classic Luke Thomasson tune, “Midnight on the Water”.

The “fiddlers, fiddler”, Joe Sites rounds out this issue of iFiddle Magazine. Of course Joe is a master fiddler and teacher. He’s an 8 time national fiddle champion. He’s studied with the legends, Benny Thomasson and DIck Barrett. Joe’s one of the best fiddler’s in the country and we’re honored to have him teach us a tune.

So, enjoy this issue and learn these tunes and read the interviews with these awesome fiddlers and entertainers.

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