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iFiddle Magazine Issue 3

iFiddle Magazine Issue 3

iFiddle Magazine Issue 3
iFiddle Magazine Isue 3

Vi Wickam and the talented team of fiddlers at are featured in this month’s edition of iFiddle Magazine.[my]Talent Forge has some of the best fiddlers anywhere teaching and helping fiddlers of all levels. Vi Wickam is a master fiddler, teacher and entertainer. Of the many things Vi did last year, one that is noteworthy is the monumental, “Fiddle Tune a Day”, where he posted a video of a different tune each day for a YEAR!

Another is the CD “Old School Old Time” with Steve Eulburg which garnered a first round Grammy Nomination. Vi is all about music and teaching. His new site, [my]TalentForge is off the charts and he has recruited some of the best fiddlers and violinists in the country to create an online teaching site that is world class.

Also featured in this issue is the founder of Red Desert Violin and Red Desert Fiddle online learning sites, Lora Staples. Lora is a master fiddler and teacher. She has a distinctive style of teaching that is very appealing.

John Cockman from Bluegrass Daddy is a fine fiddler with a great teaching style. The tune he teaches for this issue is the Uncle Bunt Stevens version of Sail Away Ladies.

I hope you enjoy this issue of iFiddle Magazine. We’re striving to bring you the best fiddlers and musicians to help you get the most out of playing fiddle. The more you know what these masters think and how they practice an teach, the better fiddler you’ll be.

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I'm the author, editor and publisher of iFiddle Magazine and the owner of the site, I'm a fiddler, a teacher and general all around good guy wanting to help out the vast fiddling community.